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The Greatest Virtual Run is the major fundraising event for Autism charity, Running on the Spectrum.  The is a non-profit event with 100% of proceeds donated directly to the charity for children on the Autism Spectrum.

Running on the Spectrum was founded by ultra runner and Autistic adult, Jason Reid.  Jason has lived in both Australia and New Zealand and currently resides in Taranaki where he works in schools directly helping children with ASD. He is currently developing educational programs to be offered to schools and parents and spends much of his spare time speaking with school communities about Autism acceptance and creating running programs for Autistic kids to help with anxiety and depression.  Once completed his, Living with Autism program will promote understanding, acceptance and compassion.  

Running on the Spectrum aims to provide Aussie and Kiwi kids with Autism, the opportunity to join a supportive and tailored running program, with access to online support and running shoes for children who may not otherwise have access to new shoes.  Running provides an amazing outlet for those on the Spectrum, providing focus, achievement whilst reducing anxiety and other associated conditions with ASD.

what is a virtual run

A virtual run is a fun run (or walk or cycle) that can 

be completed anywhere in the world!  It is run is April 

each year and you will receive a finisher's medal in the post.  All you need to do is register, pay  the fee and join us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram if you wish.  We will provide a runner's bib via this website, for you to print and wear, a lovely shiny medal and a Facebook group for support and information.  You will also be supporting an awesome charity! 

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