The aim and purpose of Running on the Spectrum is to encourage children on the Spectrum to experience running and all the benefits, both mentally and physically that go hand in hand with movement.

All funds raised go directly to providing running shoes for Autistic children most in need and to helping us develop our Autism Running Program for kids all over the country.

We also advocate for adult runners on the Spectrum and are currently working with running event organisers to make both events and the registration process more ASD friendly.

My name is Jason Reid.  I was diagnosed with Autism rather late in life, at the age of 45.  I am currently studying two degrees in Education and work as a Teacher Aide supporting Autistic children.  I have a wide range of experience working with children on the Spectrum and I help home educate my son who is also on the Spectrum. 

Running is an important part of my daily routine, to help with anxiety and help clear my mind.  The combination of movement, rountine and the support of a welcoming running community help create a balanced life and helps with my every day functioning.

I want to introduce this experience to as many children as possible.  

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